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  The Italian poet Gabriele D‘Annunzio is said to have given the name “Ombra della sera”
“Evening shadow”, to the famous votive statuette from the ancient Velathri, Volterra nowadays. The figure reminded him of the long shadows of the beams of the sunset.
  It exists a considerable number of similarly elongated votive figures in the Volterranean region. But specially to our figure, the Etruscan artist sculptor succeeded in giving a nearly supernatural charisma by its facial expression appearing very natural and by the care and dedicacy of the features performance.
  Already in the antiquity, the Volterranean bronze casters were very famous for their astonishing manual skills and technological abilities in melting and realizing bronze alloys by using copper and tin minerals from their immediate vicinity, the “colline metallifere”. So affluent Romans and people aware of culture, even before Christ, used to adorn their homes with small bronze sculptures from Volterra.
  The contemporary observer of the very modernly appearing statutte with her extrem slenderness will be reminded of the sense of art of Giaccomettis works and will be astonished first of all, that the exquisite artefact standing before himself has been created about 2300 years ago. So not at least due to it‘s modernly appearing elegance the famous statutte „Ombra Della“ Sera in our days has developed to an emblem of the Tuscan town Volterra.
  The copy of the “Evening shadow”, standing in front of you is an authorized cast of the original. It has been, exactly like the original, founded by using the process of “investment casting” out of a lost wax pattern, patinated and finished through a careful procedure, done by hand, giving it its noble ancient appearance. The matrix for the copy has been realized with the kind authorization of the Scientific Department of the Museo Etrusco Guarnacci in October 1999 in Volterra/Toscana. The assurance is given that the unique event of realizing the replica has been performed with a limited number of 300 copies, each of the bronzes being visibly numbered. In addition to this limited number of genuine replica, no further copies of the original statuette are existing on the market.
Those facts as well as the strict maintenance of the limitation on the number of copies will be attested by a notarially certified assurance together with the forwarding of each statuette.
  The genesis of the original statuette “Evening shadow”, because of its discernible influence of the ancient Grecian portrait art, is reckoned today by the archeologists to be dated 3rd century BC.
The golden coloured stone-socle, individually made by hand, consists of a carefully chosen, archaically appearing granite-gneiss from the Mediterranean Sea coast, in the ancient days settled with Greeks, nowadays the Provence.
  By using a special method of mould-generation the various occurrences of contraction , which inevitable happen at pouring the wax pattern, the ceramic mould and finally the bronze, could be widely compensated, so that the statuettes‘ heights only minimally differ from the originals‘ height of 573mm. Including the stone-socle the height of the statuette is circa 625mm.
  Together with a prestigious glass cabinet of acrylic glass combined with a noble granite, which is furnished - free of dazzling - with 3 halogen sources of light at low voltage, total 80 watts, (transformer 235/12V AC integrated) and which only partially surrounds the artefact, the ensemble also may be considered as a very stylish element of lighting appliance or as a superb eye-catcher.
Of course selling of both the objects together is offered too. In this occasion it could become unavoidable to accept delivery times.
Your inquiry or ordering you may kindly direct to

The stauettes will be freihtened world-wide at a fixed price without additional charges.

At present the statuette is on display and offered for sale in Germany at the following addresses:
Berlin Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Adlon
Dresden Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Taschenbergpalais >
Baden-Baden Walentowski-Galerie Am Sonnenplatz >
Binz / Rügen Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Elisenhof >
Ahlbeck / Usedom Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Ahlbecker Hof >
Rottach Egern Walentowski-Galerie Galerie am Tegernsee  
Werl Walentowski-Galerie Galerie am Hellweg  

Additional points of displaying are in preparation.
In the event of your interesse in displaying the Ombra della Sera in your museum / gallery / shop / business-area too, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.
Make sure timely a specimen of this wonderful, modernly appearing, world-famous emblem of Etruscan Art and of the metropolis of Volterra. At present the statuettes come to forwarding out of a small number of available specimen. Afterwards the statuettes will be founded, finished and forwarded in sequence of the incoming orders with appropriate delivery periods. A repetition of the process of replication in the museum is absolutely impossible. Therefore the replica has to be considered as a particular rarity.

At special demand we are able to found the statuette also in silver, gold of their common alloys instead of the usual bronze. Then in comparison to bronze the net wight of the statuettes without socle will arise:
bronze approx. 1230 g
silver approx. 1576 g
gold 375 = 9-carat approx. 1905 g
gold 585 = 14-carat approx. 2155 g
gold 750= 18-carat approx. 2405 g
gold 999 = 24-carat approx. 2914 g
About prices and delivery modalities we will willingly inform you on your kind request.

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