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  Informations and orders  

  The 300 original copies of the "Ombra della sera" are distributed by


  Alfred Leufen
Zum Doebel 34
D- 88662 Ueberlingen
Tel: +49 (0)7551 94 95 282

  You are invited to contact us for any further information, prices and conditions


You may find the statuettes of "Ombra della sera" exhibited in the following Galleries:

Berlin Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Adlon
Dresden Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Taschenbergpalais >
Baden-Baden Walentowski-Galerie Am Sonnenplatz >
Binz auf Rügen Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Elisenhof >
Ahlbeck auf Usedom Walentowski-Galerie Hotel Ahlbecker Hof
Rottach Egern Walentowski-Galerie Galerie am Tegernsee



At special demand we are able to found the statuette also in silver, gold of their common alloys instead of the usual bronze. Then in comparison to bronze the net wight of the statuettes without socle will arise:
bronze approx. 1230 g
silver approx. 1576 g
gold 375 = 9-carat approx. 1905 g
gold 585 = 14-carat approx. 2155 g
gold 750= 18-carat approx. 2405 g
gold 999 = 24-carat approx.2914 g
About prices and delivery modalities we will willingly inform you on your kind request.

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